Super Mario Maker 2 is updated with many new features: now you can play online with friends

Super Mario Maker 2

The great success of Nintendo, Super Mario Maker 2, has just received a major update, which adds many new features to the game. This is update 1.1.0, which among other things will finally give us the opportunity to play online with friends.

Indeed, the most substantial news concerns the multiplayer. You can play both in verses and co-op mode, and now the game also supports the Nintendo Switch Online mobile app, so it will also be possible to play with the couplings made by the application, also using voice chat to talk to theirs.

The same thing also applies to multiplayer with nearby players, and via LAN. The update includes many other innovations, such as the possibility of being able to play with the Joy-Con single oriented horizontally in all game modes, and it is important to note that it will no longer be possible to play online with users who have not downloaded and installed the new update.

For all information on the Super Mario Maker 2 version 1.1.0, we refer you to the official page of the patch notes.

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