The Mario & Luigi series developers declare bankruptcy


As reported by Yahoo! Japan, the independent AlphaDream team declared bankruptcy, presenting the practices to initiate bankruptcy at the Tokyo district court on October 1st.

The company was founded in 1991 and in almost thirty years of activity has worked on many successful series and games including Koto Battle Tengai no Moribito for Game Boy Color, Tomato Adventure for GBA, the Hamtaro series for Marvelous and of course the games of the saga Mario & Luigi as Superstar Saga, Fratelli nel Tempo, Paper Jam and Dream Team.

In 2014 the company recorded record profits of 300 million yen, but in the following year’s things did not go as well and in March 2018 debts were accumulated for 465 million yen, a figure that the company failed to heal, hence the declaration of bankruptcy.

The rights of the series developed by AlphaDream belong to the respective publishers, the Japanese company does not, in fact, own proprietary assets having always worked as a project developer and never having launched in the development and publishing of its own IPs.