Waiting for Luigi’s Mansion 3, a fan imagines a themed version of Nintendo Switch Lite

Luigi's Mansion 3

Nintendo beyond the Pokémon Spada and Scudo theme has not yet unveiled any plans for “custom” versions of Nintendo Switch Lite, the new version of the console more compact and lightweight and designed to play exclusively in portable mode.

But the theme editions always like fans, and one in particular, to deceive the wait that separates us from the release of Luigi’s Mansion 3, has tried to imagine a version of Switch Lite dedicated to that very coward of Mario ‘s brother, in his most recent adventure.

Needless to say the console is green, both for the historical color of the character, and because of its “rubbery” version that will appear in the game, Gommiluigi , a sort of clone that the player will be able to control to reach more inaccessible areas, and that appears right on the back of the console itself.

The finishes are cream instead, like the keys and the two analog sticks. You can see the image at the bottom of the news. For the time being, Nintendo has announced neither a model of Switch Lite on the subject of the game, nor a bundle that contains consoles and video games, but never say never. What do you think? Do you like the version of Switch imagined by the user? Would you buy it? Do you believe that the Great N can think of something like this in the future, perhaps as the Christmas season approaches?