Will the Xbox Scarlett include a high-performance camera?

Xbox Scarlett

After unveiling some details about the PS5 Dev Kit, Gizmodo also reveals information about Xbox Scarlett revealing, in particular, Microsoft’s willingness to equip its new console with a high-performance sensor camera.

The report, later taken up by Windows Central, underlines how the Redmond company intends to partially relaunch the Kinect project by equipping the console with a sensor capable of guaranteeing 4K footage with a latency of 2 fps, Microsoft is already showing the camera at a good number of developers through a tech demo that would have ” impressed many professionals “.

Obviously this is only rumored at the moment and there are no certainties about it, although it seems likely that Microsoft wants to push on Augmented Reality rather than Virtual Reality, hence perhaps the need to equip Xbox Scarlett with a camera with a sensor of very high quality. Furthermore, the integrated camera could also be useful for facilitating streaming transmissions.

Recently Phil Spencer said he had played with Xbox Scarlett, the console seems to be in an advanced design phase and the presentation could take place in the middle of next year with a launch set for autumn 2020 at a price of $ 400 , at least these the latest rumors leaked and obviously not confirmed in any way by the parties involved.