A secret boss from The Division 2 was discovered: it had been hidden for months

secret boss from The Division 2

It is not uncommon for some video games to continue to give surprises even after time has passed. This is also the case with The Division 2, for which a hidden boss fight has just been discovered, kept secret for months.

The developer Trick Dempsey had noticed that on Google there was no guide to beat the boss, nor was any mention made of it, and he understood that no one had yet been able to find him, and he, therefore, left clues on Twitter. Shortly after, someone had already managed to defeat him.

In practice it is a boss hidden in the Manning National Zoo: to unlock the fight you will have to shoot the five hives in the area and interact with a panel placed in the area of ​​the butterfly exhibition.

Dempsey had admitted that it was indeed difficult to find, but he said: “If you are in a level where there is a space the size of a football field in which there is nothing to do, you should probably look around” .

The boss is called The Agony, and since it is somehow connected to bees, many have found a reference to The Pain, by Metal Gear Solid 3, but the hypothesis has not been officially confirmed.

What do you think of the new boss fight?