AntStream will bring lots of classic games to Atari VCS

Atari VCS

Good news for those who are waiting with confidence for Atari VCS, the new console of the former video game giant that should already have been on the market, but which instead seemed to have disappeared from the radar. Atari and AntStream have just announced a partnership with interesting implications.

Thanks to this agreement, in fact, AntStream, the retrogaming cloud platform, will bring many classic games to Atari VCS, launching a version of its application on the console, which will unlock, in addition to the 2,000 officially licensed titles, also the largest Atari game collection. available on demand, both in original and “enhanced” versions.

The app will be available from the launch of the Atari VCS, and after a free thirty-day trial you can buy by paying $ 10 a month or $ 95.88 for an annual subscription (about $ 8 a month).

“AntStream is enthusiastic about working with Atari to bring the magic of the AntStream Arcade service to Atari VCS users. The exclusive edition for Atari VCS of the AntStream app makes us take a step forward in our mission to make all classic games available starting with Pong, for retrogaming fans, adding a more modern touch, said Steve Cottam, CEO of AntStream.

What do you think of the initiative?