Borderlands 3: how to get the Queen’s Call and King’s Call guns


The legendary Queen’s Call and King’s Call guns are some of the best legendary weapons of Borderlands 3. In this mini-guide we will explain where and how to get them, so you can add them to your inventory as soon as possible.

Spoiler warning: below we will make spoilers on the advanced stages of the Borderlands 3 story. If you haven’t finished the game yet and don’t want to spoil any surprises, we recommend reading this mini-guide later.

How to get Queen’s Call and King’s Call in Borderlands 3

Both Queen’s Call and King’s Call can be dropped by Tyreen, the final boss of Borderlands 3. All you have to do to find these two weapons, therefore, is to defeat the last boss of the game over and over again. The drop is not guaranteed, but you will have a good chance of finding one of the two guns. To get both, of course, you’ll have to delete Tyreen more than once.

To increase your chances of getting Queen’s Call and King’s Call, you can raise the difficulty level up to the Chaos 3 level. The boss fight will be more challenging, but the drop rate is higher, and consequently the chance to find the two legendary guns.

Queen’s Call and King’s Call are capable of inflicting significant elemental damage and feature a perk that allows the loader bullets to be regenerated when critical hits are made. The difference between the two weapons is that King’s Call is highly effective against meat, while Queen’s Call causes irradiated opponents to cause damage to other enemies around them.

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