Call of Duty Mobile: controller support immediately removed

Call of Duty Mobile

With very little time since the launch of a few days ago on Android and iOS, Call of Duty Mobile has already updated, removing support for controllers. In fact, it appears that Activision had no intention of including it and that it was also a surprise for users.

iOS in fact now fully supports the PS4 and Xbox One controllers and some players were beginning to get used to the idea of ​​using a pad instead of the classic touch screen controls. Unfortunately, the possibility lasted only a few hours and was removed with the update a little while ago, as confirmed by Activision itself on its Twitter account in response to a user.

Probably this is a sensible decision, given that the players, using the pad, could have had an advantage over those who were forced to use touch controls, although it must be said that using an Android emulator it will be possible to play Call of Duty Mobile using mouse and keyboard even, as stated a few days ago by the developers of the popular GameLoop for which the problem was certainly not solved.

What do you think of the situation? Do you find it right to remove the controller support in Call of Duty Mobile with this timing? What do you think of Activision’s mobile title?