Counter-Strike Global Offensive: Valve modifies the system of prize funds in France

Counter Strike Global Offensive

As reported by JeuxVideo, Valve has recently released a new update of Counter-Strike Global Offensive which deals with heavily modifying the system of prize funds, thus adapting them to current regulations to avoid problems with gambling charges.

Starting today, players in France can see the contents of the Loot Box in advance before buying a key, but in the rest of the world this possibility is not present and the content of the prize funds is totally random and is discovered only after purchasing the key.

Through an X-ray viewer, users can instead examine the prize boxes and discover their contents before opening them, thus ensuring greater awareness of what they will actually find inside. However, this new system has a limit and before using the scanner for a second time, the object found in the case must first be redeemed.

Another interesting novelty concerns the resale of the prize funds, the Loot Boxes can be sold on the marketplace but not purchased in the community market, so as to avoid that someone can buy boxes of which he does not know the content. It is unclear whether Valve will make these changes globally so as to protect themselves against gambling agencies in various countries around the world.