Death Stranding: trailer coming in October? The CHVRCHES song will be in the credits

Death Stranding

In the past few hours, Hideo Kojima reiterated his work on the Death Stranding launch trailer but when will the new video arrive? There is no certainty about it but we will probably see it in mid-October, as anticipated by PlayStation Netherlands.

The Dutch division of PlayStation has released a Tweet to announce that during the Rotterdam Games Week will be shown an ” exclusive trailer of Death Stranding “, which could be just the launch video? We will find out during the event, scheduled for October 18th to 20th, when the clip in question will be shown at the PlayStation stand. Kojima himself said that ” the launch trailer will be part of the Death Stranding experience ” … can we expect some shock revelation?

Another news of the last hours is that linked to the song Death Stranding by CHVRCHES, published as a single on October 1st. We know that the song will be part of the soundtrack of the game and Hideo has declared that it will be used in the credits of his new project, he also advises players to listen to the song Love Is Dead by the homonymous group.

Yesterday the first trailer of dubbed Death Stranding in Spanish was also published, now very little is left to the arrival of the new highly anticipated Hideo Kojima title, available from 8 November and exclusively on PS4 and PS4 PRO.