Destiny 2 Shadowkeep: how to get the Vanguard, Crucible and Gambling Ritual Weapons

Destiny 2 Shadowkeep

With the new expansion of Destiny 2, Shadows from the Deep, the Weapons of the Pinnacle are back, whose official name has now changed to “ritual weapons” . So let us find out how to get their businesses and get them done as quickly as possible.

The first step to take is to make a trip to the Tower, where we will have to talk to Commander Zavala, with Lord Shaxx and the Ranger. Each of the three characters will have a legendary undertaking for you that will have to be accepted manually

Here are all the legendary businesses and their rewards:

A Great Crash (Machine Gun Half Word) – Vanguard

  • Grace shots with a machine gun in an assault
  • Grace blows with skill or solar weapons in an assault
  • Get points by eliminating opponents during an assault (difficult activities like the Cala la Notte will speed up the completion of this step)

Completing this venture does not require special efforts and it is very likely that someone will be able to complete it without even realizing it. Take advantage of the weeks when sun damage has increased, get yourself a light machine gun and throw yourself into the fray.

Perfect Escape (Machine Gun Strategy Escape) – Gambling

  • Multi-shots with a submachine gun in Hazard
  • Medals obtained in Gambling
  • Score points by eliminating opponents and sending attackers to the enemy team during a Gambling game

In this case, too, it is a rather simple undertaking to complete and which requires only a little patience, since accumulating medals in Gambling could be a very long process. Always make sure you are the first players to deposit a minimum of 5 particles, eliminate 20 enemies without dying and free the areas from enemies with the Super to grab 3 or 4 medals in a game.

Fire Reconnaissance (Randy’s Launch Knife Rifle Recon) – Crucible

  • Grace shots with a reconnaissance rifle in the Crucible (multi-hits provide bonus progress)
  • Earn 2100 Glory Points in the Crucible’s competitive mode
  • Get medals and defeat enemies in the Crucible

It could be a non-simple undertaking for those who do not like reconnaissance guns but are within everyone’s reach, unlike what was seen last year with Vetta and Asceta. The second step, in fact, requires you to simply accumulate Glory Points and not reach the Beast rank, which means that the defeats will not negatively affect the counter.

It should be noted that, just like the companies of the Wealth Season, the quests listed above are unique for all three of your characters and their progress will, therefore, be shared.