Fortnite: consumes objects to be collected with glitches of different effects

Fortnite 10.40.1 update

One of the challenges Rising Star of Fortnite requires you to collect four objects with a glitch with different effects. Below we show you how to complete it, indicating the position on the map in which to find these objects.

Consumables with glitches were introduced with Fortnite Content Update 10.10. These are particular objects with “strange behavior”, which continually change shape with different effects. Below we explain how they work and where to find them on the map, in order to complete the Star Ascent challenge.

Consume items to collect with glitches with different effects (0/4)

To complete this mission you will have to collect and consume 4 objects with glitches of different effects. Where are these objects located?

As you can see on the map shown at the bottom of the page and in the video proposed at the beginning, the consumables with glitches are found in the place where the slit detector exploded, that is to say in the ravine located halfway between Snob Beaches and Città Pinnacoli.

All you have to do to complete this challenge, therefore, is to land near the place indicated on the map at the bottom of the page with the orange circle, go down the ravine, collect and finally use 4 consumable objects with glitches with different effects (you can distinguish them thanks to the fact that they have a different shape).

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