Germany at the forefront: a new visa law for players is being examined by the Government

German eSport Federation (ESBD)

The German eSport Federation (ESBD) has welcomed a new draft law by the German government that would allow non-EU professional players to live and compete for German organizations without visa problems.

If the bill is accepted, it should enter definitively from 2020. We remind you that bureaucracy related to entry visas is one of the main problems for the free movement of professional players. Many, even in the past, could not even compete in important events due to forced stops at the borders.

Recently, a couple of players from the R6 Pro League were unable to reach their new team on time because of the bureaucratic red tape for visa applications.

Applications for new visas should be able to be submitted by those who are at least 16 years old. Applicants should be hired by a recognized export team in Germany and compete in a national or international championship.

Furthermore, the new law would speed up permanent residence permits for those wishing to stay in Germany.

Hans Jagnowpresident of the German federation, said: ” The draft of the new regulation is good for the players, the teams and the German export scene. The tournaments and international championships organized in Germany would have a significant advantage. After we took a first step in the right direction in the past thanks to a sports visa for athletes exporting up to 90 days, this would now lead to complete parification of sports and export in terms of German visa law “.

He continued: ” The visa regulations are blocking the development of exports throughout Europe. The teams and organizers often have difficulty bringing players from third countries to the countries where the championships are held. The German government’s plans are sending a strong signal and would provide a best practice case for other nations. And, moreover, we would be prepared for a Brexit that could cause problems for the residence of British athletes residing in Germany ”.

Germany, therefore, despite its reluctance, is one of the most enlightened countries in Europe when it comes to competitive gaming and increasingly places itself as a reference point for all those countries that are still sailing on the high seas.