GTA 5 on PlayStation Now? A great deal for Rockstar, word of Jim Ryan


The most profitable game ever is now available on PlayStation Now along with other high-profile games like God of War, inFAMOUS Second Son and Uncharted 4. The last three are first-party titles while GTA V is published by a different publisher … so how did this agreement come about?

Interviewed by Wired, Jim Ryan says he ” can’t and won’t say much about the issue, but I can confirm that the arrival of GTA V on PlayStation Now was a good deal for Rockstar Games and Take-Two “, suggesting the presence of a particularly advantageous economic agreement for developer and publisher.

The President of Sony Interactive Entertainment does not overreact and lets it be known that he cannot reveal other details about the agreement between the parties. Many think that this rapprochement between Sony and Rockstar Games reinforces the rumor that GTA 6 would like to have in an exclusive PS5 for a mes, a hypothesis which, however, finds no evidence of any kind, being mere speculation without foundation.

GTA V is the best-selling PS4 / Xbox One game ever in the United States as well as the third best-selling game ever in the history of video games with over 100 million copies distributed (only behind Tetris and Minecraft) and a success that does not mention decrease six years after launch.