Overwatch: a gameplay video shows us how it works on Nintendo Switch

Overwatch for Switch

When there are about two weeks to go, a new gameplay video has appeared on the net that gives us a taste of the potential of Overwatch for Nintendo Switch.

The video, 8 minutes long and made by the IGN editorial staff, shows Moira in action on the Hollywood map, already festively decorated for Halloween. From what you can see, the graphic quality seems to be lower than that offered on the other gaming platforms, but it turns out to be equally satisfying. On Nintendo Switch, we remember, Overwatch will run at 900p resolution in home mode and 720p in mobility. The sore point, more than anything else, concerns the framerate, which will not go beyond 30fps, compared to the 60fps achieved on all the other gaming platforms.

What do you think of the libellus reached on the Kyoto hybrid? We remind you that Overwatch will be launched on Nintendo Switch on October 15th in the Legendary edition (€ 39.99): inside will be included a code redeemable for 3 months of individual subscription to Nintendo Switch Online, 5 legendary models, 5 epic models, and 5 Origins models.