Overwatch: implementing cross play is very difficult, no Amiibo support on Switch


Overwatch does not support Cross-Play and at the moment there are no plans to implement this option: with the arrival of the game on Nintendo Switch and the opening of Sony to the Multiplayer Cross-Platform there could be no better time, but things will not go this direction.

Wes Yanagi, the producer of the game, stated on the pages of EnGaget that ” Cross-Play is something absolutely positive for the players and as a player myself I want to see more and more titles with support for this feature. However, at the moment, we have nothing to announce for Overwatch, we are weighing ourselves and we are examining the possibility of implementing it but adding Cross-Play in Overwatch is much more difficult and complicated than we think. “

Yanagi then moved the focus to the Nintendo Switch version, confirming that this will not support Amiibo, the reasons were not disclosed but there are no plans at the moment to launch a series of Overwatch-themed figurines or make the game compatible with Amiibo already on the market.

Finally, Wes points out that ” Nintendo is fully available to use Overwatch characters in Super Smash Bros.”, taking up a rumor that would like Tracer’s arrival in Super Smash Bros Ultimate.