Overwatch: the gyroscope is the strong point in the Switch version

Overwatch be launched on Nintendo Switch

The version of Overwatch for Nintendo Switch prepares for the debut and in an interview of Vooks.net with Wes Yanagi, responsible for porting, the producer explained the strengths of the game on the console of the big N.

Yanagi explained that the strength compared to the other versions is in the mechanics of the controls: “the controls for the Switch version of Overwatch are basically the same as the other consoles. However, the gyroscope has introduced a great novelty. With the gyroscope, you can tilt the Switch or Pro Controller to better reach the target and follow the shooting line, or you can disconnect the Joy-Con and use them on the screen as if they were laser pointers. One of our developers plays in this last way and manages to dominate The utility of the gyroscope is an advantage.

According to Yanagi, it was Nintendo who pushed Blizzard in this direction, to investigate the gyroscope’s functionality. Still, according to the producer, the developers were skeptical at first but over time they realized the potential of the feature.

With the latest Overwatch patch, major character changes have been implemented. We remind you that the Nintendo Switch version of Overwatch will be released on October 15th.