PlayStation Now and PS Plus in one subscription? Not at the moment

Playstation Now

Sony has already confirmed its willingness not to turn PlayStation Now into an Xbox Game Pass style service with games available from day one. And what about a possible combined PS Now and PlayStation Plus subscription?

At the moment there doesn’t seem to be any plans for a single subscription like Xbox Game Pass Ultimate that can combine the privileges of PlayStation Plus (online gaming, cloud saves, exclusive discounts, access to Instant Game Collection games) with the benefits of PlayStation Now, allowing you to play over 700 PS3, PlayStation 2 and PS4 catalog titles.

In a PlayStation Blog post dedicated to PlayStation Now news, the following is reported:

Is a combined subscription to PS Now and PS Plus available?
No. PlayStation Now and PlayStation Plus are available as separate subscription plans.

Sony, therefore, reiterates the desire to keep the two worlds separate, at least for the moment, but it is not clear if the two services will undergo a new evolution with the arrival of PlayStation 5. At present, the company has also stated that there are no plans to add PSVR games to Now while for PS5 games ” there is nothing new to announce about it. “