PlayStation Now: other premium games after GTA 5 and God of War, no news for PS5 and VR

Playstation Now

Interviewed by Wired, Jim Ryan (President of Sony Interactive Entertainment) revealed the reasons that prompted the company to review some features of PlayStation Now such as the subscription price (retouched down) and the lineup of games.

In this regard, Ryan points out that ” PlayStation Now has generally positive criticism from the public, consumers complain, however, of too high a price and a fluctuating quality of games “, but Sony has taken advantage of the criticisms and lowered the price of the ‘ monthly and annual subscription also introducing a selection of playable blockbusters for a limited period, with the first four premium games ( Uncharted 4, God of War, GTA V and inFAMOUS Second Son) now available and downloadable until 2 January 2020.

The CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment says that ” other blockbusters will arrive in the PlayStation Now catalog ” furthermore it will be clarified as “currently no PlayStation VR games are expected to be included in the catalog, we also have no announcements to make on Next-Gen games on PS Now. “

PlayStation Now will continue to host the best PlayStation 2, PS3 and PS4 games, a breakthrough Xbox Game Pass style with First Party games available at day one is not scheduled at the moment and it looks like it won’t be even with the arrival of PlayStation 5.

Finally, Ryan comments on the arrival of GTA V on PlayStation Now: ” I would prefer not to reveal the precise terms of the agreement but I can tell you that it was really a good deal for Rockstar Games.