PlayStation Plus: free bonus for PES 2019, Warface and Brawlhalla

Playstation Plus: Rumor and Speculation on Free Games in July 2019

In October, Sony gives new exclusive content to PlayStation Plus subscribers: in addition to the two free PS4 games of the month, service subscribers can now also download free packages for Brawlhalla, Warface, PES 2019 and Knights of Valour.

Like every month the subscribers donate a series of bonuses for some of the best PlayStation 4 games, there are four free packages for October 2019 with skins, weapons, and virtual currency, below all the expected contents:

Brawlhalla Bonus Pack 2

  • Dusk Legend Unlock, Raven Shaman Dusk Skin
  • Brynn Legend Unlock, Völsung Brynn Skin
  • Isaiah Legend Unlock, Section Zero Isaiah Skin

Warface Package Galaxy

Includes a set of Galaxy skins for the following weapons:

  • H&K USP
  • SAP6
  • H&K MP5A5 Custom
  • SAI GRY AR-15

PES 2019 October Bonus

You can get this bonus in myClub mode in both Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 and Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 Lite

Knights of Valor Zhang Fei’s Classic Pack

  • Classic costume of Knights of Valor Zhang Fei
  • Electric Sorcery × 2: casts a full-screen lightning spell
  • Taoist Codex × 2: cast a full-screen ice attack spell
  • Taoist Secrets × 2: cast a full-screen fire attack spell
  • 99.999 Silvers

What do you think of this selection of extra content for PlayStation Plus subscribers? Bonuses are available until the end of the month, take advantage of it before it’s too late!