Project XCloud: the Xbox Game Streaming app appears on Google Play Store

Project xCloud Could Be a Key to the Success of Xbox Scarlett, According to NPD

From the Inside Xbox stage on September 25th, Microsoft had set the launch of Project XCloud public Beta for October: apparently, something is finally moving, as the Xbox Game Streaming application has appeared as we write to you (Preview) on Google Play Store for Android devices.

According to what can be read in the description, this app allows you to transmit games on smartphones and Android tablets, via wi-fi or mobile connection, both from the Microsoft Azure cloud ( Project XCloud ) and from the Xbox One console ( Xbox Console Streaming ). It is also mandatory to use a compatible Bluetooth controller, such as the Xbox Wireless Controller with Bluetooth. The application can be found at this address.

The first of the two features, Project XCloud, can only be tested on the explicit invitation of Microsoft, while Xbox Game Streaming will be made available to Insider members first in selected markets, such as the United States of America, the United Kingdom and South Korea, and only later in other countries like Italy.

We do not know when it will officially start testing the two services according to the methods described above, but in the past few days, we have been able to discover the network requirements of Xbox Console Streaming in the home environment.