Stefano Conte is the winner of the second edition of the GT Sport e-Cup by Mercedes-Benz


Saturday 28 September was the awaited Grand Final of the GT Sport e-Cup by Mercedes-Benzan e-Sport tournament dedicated to Gran Turismo Sport, organized by Sony Interactive Entertainment Italia and Mercedes-Benz and organized by ESL Italia.

At the Milan Games Week Pavilion 16, the four best drivers of the tournament were challenged for total prize money of over 10,000 euros: Musto_Thunder98, Williams_Gio, garasa-91, and IlConteSky_GTExD. A triumph, after a breathtaking race, was IlConteSky_GTExD, or Stefano Conte, a young Apulian 22-year-old born in Parabita (LE).

Stefano, after trying to win the tournament last year, wanted to get back on track a second time to cross the finish line as a winner. This time, after a very balanced start, the young driver anticipated his challengers and made the tire change on the fifth lap. This strategy, which proved to be successful at the end of the race, allowed Conte to maintain the first position for the entire duration of the race, despite the second classified, Musto_Thunder98, having repeatedly tried to get the first place.

” It was an exciting and very high-level race – said the winner Stefano Conte – and the GT Sport e-Cup by Mercedes-Benz allowed me to test myself in an extremely competitive challenge, this year with an even more format funny. Fortunately, the Suzuka circuit is one of my favorites and this allowed me in a short time to anticipate the moves of the opponents, reach and maintain the first place. I thank my team, GTExD, for their invaluable help, and the tournament organizers for this fantastic opportunity “.

The tournament, whose initial stages began on September 4th, saw the participation of over 1,000 riders, competing to enter the Grand Final: of these, only 12 finalists were able to compete for the coveted prize. Phase one of the tournament included qualifying through three modes: the One Day Cups played online (4.15 and 22 September), the live event (6-8 September) to coincide with the Formula 1 Italian Grand Prix of Monza and finally, the Last Chance Qualifier of 27 September at the Milan Games Week.