The Dellor streamer banned by Twitch for breaking a keyboard in his face


We all had tantrums for a last-second defeat in a video game, and maybe even we got it sometimes with the poor controller we had at hand at the time. But doing it live on Twitch is another thing, and can cost you a ban.

Especially if the anger you decide to channel it against yourself, and you end up smashing a keyboard in your face. This is what happened to the streamer Dellor, a former professional player of Overwatch, and always present in the top rankings of online rankings in competitive games like Fortnite, PUBG, League of Legends and Apex Legends.

Dellor didn’t see us anymore after being defeated at the hands of one of the so-called “stream snipers“, and he took the keyboard and threw it on his face, splitting it in two, and then slamming it several times against the desk and ending up throwing the chair on the floor.

The streamer, however, is not new to certain types of behavior and ended up under the magnifying glass of Twitch, who decided to ban him shortly afterward for self-harm.

Dellor, therefore, posted on Twitter a photo of himself taken shortly after the episode, showing that he didn’t even have a scratch. “I buy these keyboards on purpose because they are cheap and fragile. I’ve broken hundreds of them and I’ve never done anything,” he wrote in the post.

But evidently it was not enough to convince Twitch, who confirmed the ban.

Moreover, the author has also caused some concern among his fans, given that after the ban he posted disturbing messages with a rather depressed tone on Twitter, and many wrote to him to console him and prevent him from doing extreme gestures. One of his moderators on Twitch reassured the fans, declaring that Dellor is actually in the hospital right now, probably due to the stress, but overall he’s fine.