The Outer Worlds on Switch will take full advantage of the console hardware, promises Virtuos

The Outer Worlds

As vice president of Virtuos, Elijah Freeman jumped at the opportunity offered by to discuss the Switch version of The Outer Worlds, the port of Obsidian Entertainment’s sci-fi adventure on which he is working on behalf of Fallout New Vegas authors.

The boss of the software house in Singapore discussed the technological challenges to be faced to transpose video games born on platforms with higher performance on Nintendo Switch and, referring expressly to The Outer Worlds, states that it is a title that “requires a creative approach, especially when it comes to maintaining a stable framerate and optimizing memory for larger maps and more complex environments “ .

To get to the bottom of optimization problems for such a complex port , Freeman stresses that “we have a team of experienced artists, programmers, and designers who are reorganizing and streamlining the workflow with steps that involve constant comparison with other versions of the “We’re excited about our progress because we believe we’re pushing the limits of what’s possible on Switch . 

At this point we just have to wait until the official release date of The Outer Worlds on Nintendo Switch: in the meantime, we remind you that Obsidian’s sci-fi GDR will land on PC, PS4 and Xbox One on October 25th. Also for October 25th, The Outer Worlds is expected to enter the Game Pass as a downloadable title that can be used “free” by subscribers to the Microsoft service on Windows 10 and Xbox One PCs.