The PS4 cross-play still has major limitations

PS5: The Authors of Far Lone Sails Comment on the Technical Specifications

Yesterday we told you about the cross-play finally available on PS4, after the conclusion of the beta phase that limited it only to some giants of online multiplayer like Fortnite and Rocket League, for example. Unfortunately, however, there are still several problems to be solved.

In particular, Anton Yudintsev, CEO of Gaijin, the developers of War Thunder, explained in a recent interview that the cross-play offered by PS4 presents limitations not just. First of all, in the game, it is currently locked in two bands, which unite PS4 and PC players, and Xbox One and PC players. Furthermore, the cross-progression between PC and PS4 does not seem to work.

“The new policies are not only better for cross-play. Unfortunately, they add limitations, compared to the old ones. For example, our players on PlayStation 4 can currently play on PC, keeping all their progress on the same account. it seems that this will not be possible with the application of the new policies, for which we are still discussing it “.

In short, if Sony’s unblocking of cross-play could certainly be seen as a step forward by the Japanese giant, the limitations inserted risk nullifying what good had been done, especially considering the competition, which in terms of cross-progression no problem whatsoever.