The war for the streaming domain: Twitch signs the agreement with Nickmercs


The battle for streamer control continues. Twitch and Nick ” Nickmercs ” Kolcheff have signed a multi-year agreement with the Amazon platform. Currently, Nickmercs is streaming only on Twitch and this will remain his activity in the following years.

Nick is the second streamer to sign an exclusive agreement for the streaming platform. Nicholas ” Nick Eh 30 ” Amyoony joined Twitch in early September. Comes from YouTube and was one of Fortnite’s biggest streamer on the platform.

Nickmercs started as a member of 100 Thieves, a player and a co-founder of the organization, and then left, slamming the door and greeting former friend Nadeshot and Drake. Nickmercs joined the FaZe Clans in a surprise announcement.

The boy is both a content creator and a professional FaZe player. Nick is a Fortnite veteran and is still one of the best around with Tfue.

Nickmercs still broadcasts regularly on Twitch and remains one of Fortnite’s best streamer on the platform. Nick has developed a great community called ” MFAM ” with which he has raised over 50,000 dollars for research on Prader-Willi syndrome, a rare genetic disease.

In short, the evolution of professional streaming continues. The business is increasingly played on exclusive agreements. Twitch woke up late, starting to protect her golden-egg chickens when the rooster had escaped.

Nickmercs is just the latest streamer to bind exclusively to a platform. The war for the domain of streaming continues.