Untitled Goose Game will also arrive on other platforms

Untitled Goose Game

If you were wondering where you can play Untitled Goose Game, is a game on a goose, the most obvious answer would be ” Here! “? Bad jokes aside, however, the House House developers’ title may soon see the light also on other devices, besides PC and Nintendo Switch.

In fact, the FAQs have been updated on the official videogame website, and according to what has been reported, it is also expected to arrive on Steam, Itch, and Mac App Store in 2020 as far as computer releases are concerned, while the team is working on publishing also on consoles, even if it is specified that it is still early for an announcement.

When Untitled Goose Game is only available on Epic Games Store and Nintendo Switch. There also seem to be no plans for a physical version right now.

For those who have not yet tried the title, it is a game in which the player will have to impersonate an evil goose and make the inhabitants of the neighborhood angry by doing spiteful actions, such as stealing their personal belongings or creating unpleasant situations. The premise is simple, but it has become a quasi-custom phenomenon, so much so that even the Blink-182 singer talked about it during a concert.