Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines 2: a new faction unveiled


Paradox Interactive gave information on the new playable faction that players will be able to side within Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines 2: The Newcomers.

The Newcomers are the most mysterious faction in Seattle, no one knows where Europe comes from, or why Prince Cross has suddenly given him exclusive access to the university district’s hunting grounds. This faction is mostly made up of Tremere – sorcerers obsessed with blood magic, academics, students and more. Led by the charismatic “Professor” Viktor Goga, the Newcomers are in conflict with the Barons, who consider them their most challenging rivals.

” I realize that many will be in Seattle that will discourage you from joining us.
We are a threat to their stability – the inevitable pressure that changes the way blood flows in the city. ” Elif Parmak, Viktor’s right hand Goga

To sum up, the factions of Bloodlines 2 are groups of Kindred united under a common banner, which often shares a hunting area or is linked by a political or economic goal. The factions compete with each other for control, influence and, above all, for the blood that flows through the streets of the city. In Bloodlines 2, players will join a faction, clash with each other and maneuver pawns into a deadly political game that will have a direct impact on Seattle’s future.