Will PlayStation 5 have a holographic display? A Sony patent emerges

PlayStation 5 Holographic

Let’s GO Digital has discovered a recent patent linked to a holographic display filed by Sony Interactive Entertainment on September 3rd at the USPTO (US patent office) and could be traced back to PlayStation 5.

The display would be able to show ” 3D / 2D video and game contents “, the holographic screen would work through a series of LEDs and micromirrors combined with a camera equipped with eye-tracking and facial recognition and gestures; the idea seems to be that of making possible the reproduction of games using three-dimensional holograms that can be used simply via controller, without having to have a screen in front of the eyes.

As pure as science fiction may seem, back in 2009 Sony showed the prototype of a 360-degree holographic screen in Tokyo, that the time is ripe for the implementation of such a technology? It is decidedly too early to put forward hypotheses, Let’s Go Digital is said, however, to be able in this regard and underlines how the technology can also adapt to Xbox Scarlett and Nintendo Switch.

In the past few hours rumors have spread about the presence of a camera integrated into PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett, Microsoft has denied this rumor while Sony has not (yet) pronounced about it, so we are waiting for any comments from the Japanese house.