Yakuza: Like a Dragon, three character classes will be available


In the latest issue of the Japanese magazine Weekly Famitsu, new details on the Yakuza: Like a Dragon class system were unveiled, the latest chapter in SEGA’s JRPG saga. Ichiban Kasuga and his team can choose between three classes, each with special skills.

In order to access a class, it will be necessary to satisfy a predetermined level of experience points which will differ according to the type of characteristics chosen. Experience points can be accumulated through the main missions or with secondary activities.

The first class will be that of the ” anti-riot policeman ” with which the protagonist will be able to show off his attack and defense skills, in a role that resembles that of the classic knight of an RPG. The second class will be that of the ” fortune-teller “, a character with low defense but endowed with magical powers, who will be able to invoke strange mystical forces through a crystal ball, in what appears to be to all effects the role of the magician. The last class, exclusive to the female characters, will be that of the ” idol ” who will be able to enchant the enemies by singing while providing healing and other buffs to his companions, very similar to the role of the bard.

In short, new information added to what was shown during the recent TGS 2019, in which the system of hidden jobs and dungeons had been revealed. We remind you that Yakuza: Like a Dragon will be released in 2020 (January 14 in Japan) exclusively for PlayStation 4.