A video shows new gameplay sequences from Luigi’s Mansion 3

Luigi's Mansion 3

Nintendo of Japan has opened the official Japanese site of Luigi’s Mansion 3 in the past few hours in which there are also short clips of gameplay collected in a single video from Nintendo Everything.

The video you find at the bottom of the news lasts just over two minutes and collects some new sequences of Luigi ‘s new adventure, dubbed and subtitled in Japanese. More than six years after the launch of Luigi’s Mansion 2 (known as Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon in Europe) Mario’s brother goes back to hunting for ghosts in a haunted castle in the company of his faithful professor Strambic.

Recently Nintendo has announced that the game will also include the Paranormal Games mode, in addition, DLCs are planned for multiplayer, it is not clear if there will be additional content for the single campaign as well.

The new Nintendo game will be released exclusively on Switch on October 31st, just in time for Halloween. Some fans have launched the idea of a custom console for Luigi’s Mansion 3 in green with buttons and details in a lively yellow. A concept that is very much appreciated on the web, who knows that this cannot push the Kyoto company to make it happen and actually put it on the market in the coming months.