Apex Legends: can the World Border train kill players?


One of the distinctive features of Confini del Mondo, the new map of Apex legends introduced with Season 3, is the train full of high-level loot that continues to move uninterruptedly. A particularly curious player has decided to carry out tests on the vehicle to find out if he is actually able to eliminate the players.

As you can see in the video below, it seems that the train is not able to damage the players in any way and the only way to die is to end up between an obstacle and the big vehicle. This means that in the most difficult situations you can safely jump off the train without having to worry about risking your life unless you are about to cross a very narrow area.

Waiting to discover some other bizarre curiosity on the new battle royale map, we remind you that all the skins of Apex Legends Halloween event have just been unveiled, which should propose a limited time mode set in the night version of the Canyon of the Re.

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Train damage test, if anyone was curious from apexlegends