Apex Legends: leak reveals the Halloween themed skins of Wraith, Bangalore, Wattson and Crypto

Apex Legends

After having revealed the possible return of the Canyon of the Kings in an unprecedented night version, the Apex Legends data miner returned to the rescue with new information on the battle royale ‘s Halloween event.

In addition to the new limited-time mode, in fact, some users have managed to extract numerous images from the latest game update that depict some of the legends with their new Halloween-themed costumes. Among these we also find Wattson and Crypto disguised as vampires, Bangalore with a Mexican-style costume dedicated to death, Caustic in a clown version and Wraith with a witch’s hat. To these must also be added the skin of Gibraltar inspired by the Frankenstein monster, the subject of a leak a few weeks ago.

Unfortunately, it is not yet clear what are the ways of unlocking such content, but it is very Apex Legends: leak reveals the Halloween likely that they must be purchased in the shop objects. It is not to be excluded that during the event some Apex chests will be made available to players free of charge and containing random objects from the event, just as seen in Voidwalker.