Bandai Namco publishes the first video gameplay of My Hero One’s Justice 2

My Hero One's Justice 2

As promised, the leaders of Bandai Namco fly to New York to take part in the latest edition of the Comic-Con and make happy action game fans with the release of the first video game of My Hero One’s Justice 2.

The next act of the series set in the colorful universe of My Hero Academia will see us take part in a series of digital battles, both online and locally (single-player or shared screen), drawing on the vast roster of the title to set up a team of three wrestlers.

The choice of heroes to be included in your team will be decisive for the success of each battle, as we can guess by scrolling through the adrenaline-filled game scenes that embellish the movie that stands out at the top of the news. The work from the works of master Kohei Horikoshi will then offer the opportunity to interpret the characters of the fourth season of the TV anime series, with all the consequences that we can easily imagine in terms of the wealth of skills, attacks, and moves to master.

The release of My Hero One’s Justice 2 is scheduled for 2020. The range of platforms on which the new beat’em up in Bandai Namco’s Jappa sauce will be shown includes all the main home systems, namely PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.