Blizzard had been thinking of Overwatch on Switch since the Nintendo console came out


During a recent interview, Jeff Kaplan, the lead designer of Overwatch, talked about the version of the game coming to Nintendo Switch, revealing that the intention to bring the title on the hybrid machine of the Grande N came on the day of the release of the console.

“Literally the day Switch came out, we started thinking about it. I remember immediately asking people in the office” What should we do to get there? “

Work on Overwatch for Nintendo Switch started about a year ago, after the porting of Diablo 3, which turned out to be a much simpler task.

“It was much easier to take Diablo on that device than Overwatch. Like everything we do, we want to make sure we do it well, and it took a long development process to figure out how to work in order to be proud of the end result.”

Wes Yanagi, the producer of the game, added: “Our goal is to keep all the platforms on the same level. So the game will be the same for everyone, every new hero or event and stuff like that will be released at the same time.”

But what is it that makes Nintendo Switch the ideal platform to play Overwatch? Kaplan went on to talk about it again, adding: “Nintendo games are generally very bright, saturated, a little less realistic and more based on the character of the characters.”

For Kaplan, fans love Overwatch for its aesthetics, and for the fact that it is possible to play it on different platforms (it must be said however that the implementation of cross-play on Overwatch is very difficult), so in Blizzard, they are sure that the title will have the success it deserves. It will be like this? We will find out from October 15, when the game will debut on Switch.

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