Control: speedrunners “break” the game by surprising the development team


As often happens in the world of speedrunners, even the players who are trying to reach new records with Control have discovered a series of glitches and tricks to complete the game in the shortest possible time that has stunned even the developers.

In order to gain a few minutes, the users in question managed to find the strangest glitches, such as the possibility of turning into Jesse’s gun or flying beyond the boundaries of the map to jump the labyrinth present in the advanced stages of history and considered by many the most beautiful section of the entire game. The users’ creativity could only attract the attention of Remedy and the community manager Vida Starčević, who claims to be very amused by these discoveries. It is, in fact, users who play the product in a completely different way than the average player and perform the most unthinkable actions with the aim of bringing up hidden and useful problems to advance faster.

Before leaving you with a series of videos showing the funniest glitches like the one that uses a refrigerator to cross the boundaries of the map, we remind you that Sony has published a wonderful collection of Control screenshots.