Destiny 2 Shadowkeep: Bungie has banned quite a few cheaters

Destiny 2 for PC:

The arrival of Shadowkeep and the fact that the title has become free-to-play, have certainly brought Destiny 2 back into the spotlight. The game is extremely popular again and is experiencing a second youth, as the numbers also testify.

On Steam, in fact, Destiny 2 reached a peak of 222,000 players connected at the same time on 3 October, a huge figure that shows that, at least for the moment, it seems that Bungie’s strategy has been rewarded.

Unfortunately, the greater the number of players, the greater is the number of potential cheaters and various cheaters, who unfortunately continue to crowd the panorama of online games. The software house, however, has shown itself to be quite fierce on this front: zero tolerance for those looking for little legal loopholes.

As announced on Twitter, several users who tried to use target bots have already been banned. “Our security team has already taken countermeasures and implemented a wave of bans towards players who were trying to use targeting tools,” read Bungie’s account, which then invited users to play clean.

It is not the first problem that afflicts the game, given that many have reported problems in the migration of accounts from Battle.Net to Steam, but at least the team has proved efficient and willing to solve the difficulties.