Destiny 2 Shadowkeep: how to get the exotic rocket launcher Death Bearer

destiny 2 exotic rocket launcher

One of the most interesting exotic weapons among those available in Destiny 2: Shadows from the Deep, or the Death Carrier rocket launcher, can be added to your collection simply by completing a feat. Let’s find out how to get the quest and complete each step.

Obtaining the Exotic Enterprise

To add the Death Bringer’s enterprise to the relevant screen, the Shadow from Deep campaign must be completed. At this point, Eris Morn will entrust us with a legendary feat called Memories of Sai Mota, which will ask you to enter the system core room. In order to have access to this room you will first need to complete the Eris size called “Lunar Speleology”, which asks the player to visit every single Lost Sector on the Moon to obtain the Data Fragment Firewall, a key object. Once in possession of the Fragment, enter the Lost Sector of Communion R1 (Port of Torment) and, at the end of the dungeon, enter the gold-coloured corridor located on the wall to then open the sealed door.

Fragments of Necklace

Your new goal is to collect fragments of the necklace by defeating Nightmares on the Moon with Arc abilities. Then go to the Port of Torment and eliminate the powerful enemies with Super, Grenades and Melee of your Arco subclass, perhaps helping yourself with some exotic armour that helps their regeneration. It should be noted that upon completion of this step you will be given not only the Exotic Enterprise “Faculty of the Skull” but also a powerful piece of equipment, so make sure you have already reached the soft cap, or the 900 power level, before proceeding.

Circle of Bones

The next step in the business is very simple and simply requires completing a mission set inCircle of Bones. Follow the indicator on the map until you reach it and complete the mission and proceed to the next step.

Symphony of Death

The new step of the Exotic Company asks to collect a Haunted Bone, a Ritual Bone and the bone collector’s Marrow. The first object can be obtained by completing a public event at the Bocca dell’ Inferno, while the second by defeating the boss and opening the home of the R1 Lost Sector at the Port of Torment. For the Marrow, instead, you will have to go to the Anchor of Light and wait for a boss named “Bone Collector” to appear, which is a rather simple acolyte to take out.

Scarlet Fortress

To progress in the quest you will now have to start from the Destination menu the assault set in the Scarlet Fortress and eliminate the boss called Supreme Director Sulmakta. In the final stages of the assault, shortly before the boss, you will have to face a section aboard an elevator. At the second time, the elevator stops you will have to look to your right for the witch and go and say four. Make sure that every Guardian present in the team hits you at least once or there will be a risk that someone may not advance in the enterprise.

Suffering Registered

This is the only step in the business that requires some grind, since you will have to accumulate Sufferingeliminating the “normal” enemies (those with the red life indicator), Screams of pain by eliminating elite enemies or mini-bosses and Screams of agony with the killing of bosses. Since with the elimination of enemies on the Moon you can get bonus progress, the advice is to complete this phase of the quest at the Port of Torment, where above all the last two registrations will advance much faster thanks to the high-level enemies that appear continuously.

The Cantamorte

At this point, all you have to do is complete the new mission that appeared on the map and always set in the Circle of Bones. The goal of this mission is to eliminate Ir Airam the Deathwing and the recommended power level to deal with it is 920.

Once you take out the liar you will have to go back to Eris Morn, who will finally give you the Death Carrier. For the uninitiated, this is a very particular exotic rocket launcher, whose rockets must be detonated manually with the push of a button and, at the time of the explosion, they will release a series of vacuum bolts.