FIFA 20: best formations and modules for each style of play


As in real football, even in FIFA 20 knowing how to deploy players on the pitch is crucial to winning. Whether you are a fervent supporter of the attack or of the defensive phase, in this mini-guide you will find the right training to use in the new EA Sports football simulator.

Below we list the best training to use in FIFA 20, explaining to you which game styles are best suited.


The 4-3-3 is perfect against tight teams with a strong defensive core. With this module, you can count on an excellent width of attack and a strong midfield. Aim for fast fullbacks and wings with good technique, so as to attack the bands with the possibility of returning to attack from the middle or to make a lethal incursion into the opposing area. Be careful not to go too far forward, avoiding potentially devastating counter-attacks.


Playing with only three defenders can be risky, and being counterattacked with 3-5-2 can expose you to danger. However, this formation is able to offer excellent defensive coverage when midfielders are asked to move back. Considering in FIFA 20 the game in midfield is even more important than in the past, the 3-5-2 can allow you to dominate the construction of the maneuver in the middle of the field. Make sure you have versatile midfielders, able to get off and up as needed.


This module has already proved to be very popular in the game, and it’s easy to see why. The 4-2-2-2 is a very balanced formation, effective both offensively and defensively.
To be more cautious in the defensive phase, you can impart a conservative attitude to the fullbacks, so as not to make them go too far forward. As for the offensive phase, the two attackers and the advanced midfielders will offer you many aggressive options to overcome your opponent’s defensive line. Be careful not to leave too much space in midfield, and try not to isolate your attackers.


The 4-2-3-1 is always a winning choice in FIFA. It offers a lot of back covers, not to mention that the three advanced midfielders are perfect for attacking in the middle. If you want to use this formation, having two strong central midfielders is crucial to making this formwork. You will also need someone with great physical endurance, who can cross the two sides of the field while the other covers and does defensive work. Give the right support to the attackers, preventing them from finding space.


The 3-4-1-2 is the most offensive version of 3-5-2. With many options in between and two forwards, this formation is absolutely lethal in the counterattack. However, this may make you vulnerable in defense, which is why you will need strong and fast wings that can go down and up, and at least a quick central defender to cover the spaces.


This module is similar to 4-3-3, with the difference that it carries wings in the side positions. It works much better in FIFA 20 thanks to the power of quick play and counter-attack. Attack-focused training, which provides excellent support for your striker.
However, it is also a narrow module that can suffer attacks on the wings.