Fortnite: how to complete the Star Ascent challenges and get the Scientist

Fortnite 10.30 secret skin

Even Season 10 of Fortnite introduced its skin secret: we’re talking about costume called Scientist . To unlock it along with its styles you just need to complete the Star Ascent challenges . We explain how to complete them all.

Below we list all the Starry Rise of Fortnite challenges , explaining how to complete them all. In this way you will unlock the Scientist’s skin , along with its additional styles.

Destroy structures with scrap slits (0/10)

All you have to do is find a Slit Scrap in the ground loot, in the chests, in the supplies deliveries or in the Lamas, and use it against the structures to destroy them. We advise you to aim for less resistant structures, in order to make things easier.

Visit different slit zones in the same game (0/3)

You just need to visit three different slit zones during the same game. If you need help to locate them, on the map at the bottom of the page we have circled all the slit zones on Fortnite Island Royal Battle.

Eliminate opponents at Slit zones (0/7)

All you have to do is eliminate seven adverse ones within the slit zones. You can take this challenge forward while completing the one that requires you to visit Slit Zones in the same game.

Look for chests or boxes of ammunition in Slit Zones (0/20)

Go to the Slit Zone, open all the chests you find in the surroundings and collect the boxes of ammunition to complete the challenge.

Land in a Slit Zone and placed in the top 10 in Solo, Duo or Squad (0/1)

Choose a Slot Zone to land on, and play cautiously to place yourself in the top ten. If you have a good group to play with, we advise you to complete this challenge in pairs or teams mode.

Consume items to collect with glitches with different effects (0/4)

On our pages, we have already explained to you how to complete the challenge that requires you to consume objects to be collected with glitches with different effects.

Touch a bright giant Cube, enter the Slit and look for a Landing Module (0/3)

We refer you to our mini-guide that shows you how to complete the challenge. Touch a giant cube, enter the slit and look for a landing module.