Fortnite: news on matchmaking and bots, the ban for “smurf” is coming

Fortnite matchmaking

As you well know by now, the new Fortnite Battaglia Reale matchmaking system is now available and there are many who have not appreciated the particular choice of Epic Games. To put everyone to silence, the developers then decided to publish a new post on the official website to clarify some issues.

The development team has specified that the choice to insert in the same game players coming from different platforms and using control systems of various nature cannot be a problem since the system will take into account with a certain reliability of their skill. Precisely for this reason, it should not be a particular problem that of a console player that faces a user who uses a mouse and keyboard on a PC. It also seems the new matchmaking is now active only in Solo mode and is about to make its debut also in Couples.

Obviously Epic Games intends to protect its users and, therefore, has decided to take drastic decisions against those who create new profiles to be paired with users with poor skills and have the upper hand. Anyone caught with a smurf profile will then be banned.

As for the bots, coming with the Fortnite Season 11 on October 13th, 2019, these will have the following features:

  • there will be no mixed teams, or bots will not be able to fill empty teams
  • if a bot defeats a player, spectator mode will allow us to watch a random player among those left alive
  • if only bots remain alive, the game ends immediately
  • bots cannot use vehicles or exploit constructions in height
  • a training modality could shortly arrive in which the player faces only and exclusively bots