Ghostrunner: a video announces Ray-Tracing support in the Cyberpunk-themed action


Let’s talk again about the interesting Ghost Runner, a first-person action title with a cyberpunk setting whose gameplay seems to be a mix of Dishonored and Mirror’s Edge.

Through the publication of a new game video, the developers announced a collaboration with NVIDIA to implement support for Ray Tracing, the technology that allows graphics cards that support it to significantly improve visual quality. The video in question, lasting about 3 minutes, alternates sessions in which the developers talk about the game to others in which the gameplay is shown, which mixes combat phases with others purely platform, where the protagonist will have to jump from one point to an another and run on the walls like a real ninja.

Also from the movie, we learn that the development team, called One More Level, is made up of just 25 members and that the game, which uses Unreal Engine 4, should arrive in the next year on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Have you already taken a look at Ghostrunner’s announcement trailer, shown for the first time ever during GamesCom 2019? Recently, another Ghostrunner gameplay video has been released.