GT Sport: the new update precedes the release of Spec 2 and changes the introductory movie


From Today, the GT Sport Spec 2 will be launched, the “complete” version of the main car simulator on PS4. Polyphony Digital takes advantage of the release of the Spec II version of Gran Turismo Sport to “refresh” the introduction of the title with a brand new movie.

The video made by the Japanese developers following Kazunori Yamauchi strengthens the bond with their community and celebrates the deeds performed by the champions of the numerous eSport competitions organized in recent years by Polyphony Digital, as happened recently with the second edition of the e-Cup by Mercedes-Benz of GT Sport. In this video, of course, there is no lack of constant references to the most important members of the development team, starting with Yamauchi himself.

While waiting for the guys at Polyphony Digital to show us the first Gran Turismo gameplay on PS5, we leave you with the new GT Sport introductory video and we remind you that the Spec 2 version of the main racing game exclusively on PS4 will be on sale starting from Today.

Inside the two GT Sport Spec 2 Blu-ray, we find all the contents published by the Japanese authors up to version 1.39, that is 275 cars out of the 293 total and 75 circuits, in addition to a conspicuous ingame bonus represented by 2.5 million credits and immediate from access to 10 cars racing by category Gr.3 .