GTA Online: Annis Hellion 4×4, double rewards, Twitch Prime bonus and many other new features

TA Online: Annis Hellion 4x4

Rockstar Games launches a series of new initiatives and activities for GTA Online with double bonuses for Survival challenges, the arrival of new race cars (such as the Annis Hellion 4×4) and an exclusive Japan-themed T-Shirt.

Annis Hellion 4×4

Born in the desert, transplanted to the city: the Annis Hellion may seem yet another squared 4×4, but this beauty has survived a diet of only sand, rocks, debris, bones, smoldering rubble and more sand since leaving the factory. With similar traction, the only obstacle is your imagination.

Bonuses and rewards

The Survival series, with seven new maps added last week, continues to bestow GTA $ and RP double to those who have the courage to take the field and decimate waves of henchmen. Players who will help Tao Cheng and Miss Baker to resist a particularly hostile take on the Duggans will also receive double rewards for Casino history missions completed by October 10th.

This week you can also get off the beaten track and take advantage of the triple rewards of all the races in the game list Off-road adventure or compete in any Competition mode Keep up the pace to grab double GTA $ and RP. The presidents of motorcycle clubs can win double rewards by starting any mission commission of the clubhouse and profits doubled on all sales of Centauri factories. If you still don’t have a headquarters to manage your operations, take advantage of the 40% discount valid for the whole week on clubhouses and establishments, related improvements and supplies.

Japan Tee

Become the envy of motorist rallies without sacrificing style. Show off your point of reference for car purchases with the Annis JPN t-shirt, which you’ll get for free by playing GTA Online this week.

Ocelot Swinger

Jump into the casino lobby and Diamond Resort in GTA Online and take a ride to the lucky wheel to win GTA $, RP, clothing and more. This week’s first prize is the Ocelot Swinger, classic sporting wear that exudes sex appeal. As long as it’s not something else to exude.


What could be better than well-established businesses and intense competitions? Enjoy the big discounts on essential motorcyclist items, which reach 40% for Centauri clubhouses and establishments, with other discounts on racing cars like Nagasaki Shotaro and Ocelot Pariah.

  • Clubhouse, additions, and improvements – 40% discount
  • Centauri factories, additions and improvements – 40% discount
  • Centauri factories stocks – 40% discount
  • Nagasaki Shotaro (motorcycle) – 40% discount
  • Hakuchou Drag (motorcycle) – 30% discount
  • Nagasaki Carbon RS (motorcycle) – 30% discount
  • HVY Insurgent (off-road) – 35% discount
  • HVY Insurgent pick-up (off-road) – 35% discount
  • HVY Nightshark (off-road) – 35% discount
  • Canis Kamacho (off-road) – 40% discount
  • Ocelot Ardent (classic sports) – 40% discount
  • Ocelot Pariah (Sports) – 40% discount
  • Ocelot Lynx (sport) – 40% discount
  • Armoring (vehicles) – 40% discount
  • Heavy weapons: 40% discount

Bonus Twitch Prime

The members Twitch Prime they have until October 6 to link their Rockstar Games Twitch and Social Club accounts to redeem their free main luxury penthouse through the website on their in-game iFruits. Beyond this deadline, players with linked accounts will be entitled to a refund for the main luxury penthouse until October 16th. Furthermore, those who connect their account can purchase the Fort Zancudo hangar 3499 or the Lago Zancudo bunker and, after purchase, receive a refund on the basic property. In addition, there is an additional 10% discount on this week’s vehicles and properties listed above and players with a connected Twitch Prime account can buy HVY Chernobog with a 75% discount and 80% off the Brute Boxville armored.