MediEvil: Sony explains to us how to survive among the undead with the Guide to Gallowmere


Are you anxious to put on the thin, smelly clothes of Sir Daniel Fortesque? Unfortunately, you must continue to be patient, as MediEvil will not arrive on the shelves before October 25th.

Fortunately, Sony has found a nice way to make the wait more pleasant, by publishing the first of four videos that will make up Gallowmere’s guide for empty heads. Volume 1, by ironic, is entirely focused on the use of the shield, a fundamental tool in order to survive in infested lands of the undead and demons. During your adventure, if you explore the settings in search of chests properly, you will find many types of shields. Be careful though! They don’t last forever! Repeated attacks can destroy them and, above all, do not protect you from gravity! Falling ruinously into a cliff means certain death (yes, even in the undead they can die).

MediEvil will be launched exclusively on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro on October 25th, a week before Halloween. The title will be sold at a budget price of 29.99 euros, but you can also buy the Digital Deluxe Edition, which offers the basic game, an Armor Set, the digital illustration book The Art of MediEvil, the digital comic, the soundtrack and a dynamic MediEvil theme for PS4. We also remind you that you have until October 6 to download and play the free MediEvil demo, after which it will be removed forever from the PS Store. Not surprisingly, it is called “Short Life”! They have a sense of humor in Gallowmere, no doubt about it!