MHW Iceborne meets Resident Evil 2: coming in November Leon, Claire and Mr X

MHW Iceborne meets Resident Evil 2

After witnessing Geralt of Rivia’s entry into Monster Hunter World, new heroes from another videogame dimension are preparing to turn into Monster Hunters. Capcom has indeed announced a crossover event dedicated to Claire and Leon, the characters of Resident Evil 2 Remake.

The disturbing (and curious) presentation film produced by the Japanese authors celebrates the imminent fusion of the two famous Capcom series through a collaboration that will allow the heroes of Resident Evil 2 to face the frightening creatures that populate the ice of the Drift Tracts of Iceborne.

Browsing the cinematic and gameplay scenes that outline this video, Monster Hunter World enthusiasts can get a little taste of the equipment elements, armour and unlockable aesthetic customizations to give their Hunter the look of Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield : the crossover between MHW and RE2 will also involve that funny guy from Mr X, albeit with methods and functions that still need to be clarified by Japanese developers.

In order to witness the arrival of Leon, Claire and Mr X in the fantasy universe of Monster Hunter World Iceborne we will have to wait until November: in the meantime, we remind you that starting from October 10th it will be possible to download an update of Iceborne on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One that will take care to introduce a new volcanic region to the Guide Lands.