Naughty Dog: the gameplay accessibility of The Last of Us 2 will not limit the tension


After revealing to the Hollywood Reporter that he did not believe in The Last of Us, Neill Druckmann returned to talk about his long-awaited project and, as vice president of Naughty Dog, discussed 3DJuegos’ challenges to prevent access to the gameplay ended up undermining the tension offered.

“We want The Last of Us 2 to be accessible and many people can play with it,” Druckmann begins before adding in a peremptory way that “we want everyone to feel the tension, no matter what level of difficulty they decide to tackle the adventure “That tension is a very important component in Ellie’s story and in the feeling that she must leave you . 

To ensure that TLOU 2 can be appreciated by the widest possible audience, the guys at Naughty Dog have not only thought of calibrating the gameplay on the level of tension felt throughout history but, according to Druckmann, they have taken care to add several options to meet the needs of its audience: “in The Last of Us 2 we will have many accessibility options, we know that not everyone has the same motor skills and the same visual or auditory capacity, so we want to make sure everyone can appreciate the story” .

Recently, many other developers have been particularly sensitive to the issue of accessibility, as in the case of The Coalition with Gears 5. At this point we just have to remind you that The Last of Us Part 2 will be available starting February 21st, 2020 on PlayStation 4 and PS4 Pro: on these pages you can admire a splendid video showing Ellie’s transformation and an in-depth article by Francesco Fossetti with our impressions of the TLOU 2 gameplay.