Neil Druckmann explains why the development of The Last of Us 2 lasted longer than expected


The development of The Last of Us 2 took longer than expected, and the game had even disappeared a bit from the radar after it was presented in the very famous E3 2018 video. But why did it take so long? Neil Druckmann spoke about this in a recent interview.

The guys at Naughty Dog were n’t going to make The Last of Us 2 their biggest title, but the ambitions of the story grew over time, so it took a while before we figured out the direction the project should take.

” We hadn’t decided to make it our biggest project, but we simply wanted to tell this story, which then turned out to be so ambitious as to become our biggest game. And that’s why it took us as long as it took, ” he said. Druckmann, who then continued:

“The story that came to mind four years ago is very complex, it has a great cast of characters. The essence is simple, but the way it evolves, with its twists and turns, is very complex. We needed more time for cutscenes, we needed more locations, more types of enemies, so its size continued to grow. “

What do you think of Neil Druckmann’s words? In light of this interview, what do you expect from The Last of Us 2?