Pokemon Sword and Shield: Pikachu starts streaming from the Brillabirinto Bosco of Galar

Pokemon Sword and Shield

As promised, the developers of Game Freak have officially started the 24-hour streaming marathon of Pokemon Sword and Shield for Nintendo Switch set in Bosco Brillabirinto, one of the most mysterious regions of Galar.

The new streaming event started today, Friday 4 October, and can be seen on Pokemon’s YouTube and Twitch channel pages. Unlike the recent Nintendo Direct and the monthly video appointments of The Pokemon Company and Game Freak, the streaming from Bosco Brillabirinto is limited to transmitting the images captured by a fictitious camera placed in the trees of this enigmatic forest.

In the intentions of Sonia, Professor Flora’s assistant researcher, Bosco Brillabirinto’s camera will help trainers and Pokemon scholars in the Galar region to learn more about the mysterious fauna that populates the Brillabirinto undergrowth. To do the honors, however, is an old acquaintance of Pokemon enthusiasts, namely Pikachu : at the time of writing, twin streaming on YouTube and Twitch are capturing the attention of about 60,000 fans, a number destined to grow further in the over the next few hours depending on the more than probable appearance of new Pokemon.

In the hope of discovering as soon as possible which surprises await us in the broadcast from Bosco Brillabirinto, we remind you that the adventure of Pokemon Sword and Shield will officially begin on November 15th exclusively on Nintendo Switch (and on the brand new portable Switch Lite console ).