Problems with Ghost Recon Breakpoint: unable to access game servers

Ghost Recon Breakpoint

Unfortunately, the day of Ghost Recon Breakpoint is not running smoothly as the players hoped. As is often the case with continuously developing titles heavily based on online, even the new Ubisoft proposal is floundering.

Judging by the numerous reports available on the net, there are many players unable to land on the Auroa archipelago and forced to wait, helpless, before the initial skim that invites them to continue to be patient. The problems are occurring on all three gaming platforms, without any particular distinction. Often, the SILENT-50001 error is returned, which indicates the difficulties of the servers to manage all access requests. If it is happening to you too, know that it does not depend on your network.

With an official communiqué entrusted to social media and official forums, Ubisoft apologized and announced that it is busily working to find a solution and allow all players to start the adventure. This message dates back to about an hour ago, but in the meantime, the French company has not provided further updates. How are you doing? Did you manage to get into the game?